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Foster, PSIA Interski Teams member
About Ellen Post Foster
For her writings, Foster has drawn from her extensive background as both a junior and an international competitor. Her skiing career began in 1968 as a member of the Jiminy Peak Junior Demonstration Team in Massachusetts. The program emphasized perfecting fundamental skills which proved to provide a strong technical base and theme for her later accomplishments. The demonstration team evolved into a junior freestyle team, preparing Foster to become a world-class competitor on the professional freestyle tour in 1974. Foster placed second overall in the 1975 Freestyle World Championships and is the only person to ever win an aerial, ballet, mogul and combined event all in the same year. Interestingly, Alan Schönberger coached her in ballet, leading to this achievement. Never losing sight of the impact of her junior team experiences, Ellen directed her education to teaching and coaching. She was a member of the PSIA National Demonstration Team from 1980 to 1988 and a member of two U.S. Interski Teams. This privilege is shared by ten of the most talented technical skiers/ski educators in the nation who are selected every four years. Foster is the author of four technical books and one video on skiing and ski racing. She received the Russell Wilder Memorial Award from US Skiing in recognition of her outstanding effort to focus the interests of America's youth on the sport of skiing.
Schoenberger, world champion skier
About Alan Schönberger
Alan Schönberger is a world champion skier, dancer, theatrical clown as well as a photographer. His pictorial studies of skiing are founded on an extensive background as a certified ski teacher and international competitor. Schönberger studied photography at Utah State University and taught skiing at Alta and Snowbird during the wintertime. Summers were spent in New York City where he continued studies as a student of Robert Joffrey Ballet and Merce Cunningham dance. He also studied with mime great, Moni Yakim, who recognized Schönberger's passion for physical comedy, dance and skiing. His variety of forms interfused at an international freestyle skiing competition which he won. For the next three years, Schönberger dominated freestyle events in Europe, Canada and the U.S., and earned the coveted World Trophy in Ski Ballet in 1976. The need to bring his work into a more formal theatrical environment ultimately prevailed. He created the theatrical touring piece, Alan Schönberger SKI BUM in Piano Roll and set out to ski the great stages in theatres across the country on the music roll of a larger than life player piano. Schönberger's extensive and varied performances have toured thirty-three states and four foreign countries including a performance live with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and a PBS feature. He returned to the snow in 1994 to perform in the opening ceremony for the World Cup in Vail, Colorado. On October 23, 2001, Schoenberger was honored with the “Pioneer of Freestyle Skiing” award from the University of Utah Ski Archives as a key individual who played a major role in shaping this region’s ski history. At the 2002 winter Olympics, he performed Schönberger Skis the Stage, an eclectic mix of various pieces created during his diverse career as a performer on skis. Schönberger's latest creation resides in Park City, Utah, the ultimate prepaired alpine learning facility Alan Schönberger's SkiStudio365

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